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Residential MineralPure Pool System
By using safe & natural minerals you can greatly reduce the need of chlorine in any size residential pool or spa.


Commercial MineralPure Pool System
Reduce chlorine use up to 75%. Several models to handle any size pool up to 600,000 gallons. NSF approved.


OzoneMax For Pool System
OzoneMax is an ultraviolet ozone generator that can be added to Mineral Pure for even more amazing results and crystal-clear water.

Reasons to have a salt-free and a reduced chlorinated swimming pool

Most people understand that chlorine can be damaging to you and your family. It turns your skin red, burns your eyes and can make you smell like chlorine, even after showering. Considering an alternative to regular chlorine or salt pools could be the answer.

Clearwater Pool Systems offers a swimming pool ionization system that will greatly reduce the need for chemicals or a salt chlorinator. Many believe that using a salt system is better than chemicals, but this isn’t necessarily so. Salt systems will make chlorine and are damaging, as well.

Great benefits of a reduced chlorinated pool system

For those that are considering a new option for their pool, there are many great benefits of using a pool ionizer:

  • Save money
  • Algae control
  • Fewer shock treatments
  • No or little chlorine
  • No need for chlorine tablets
  • Time saving
  • Clean water

For those that want to use even less chlorine (as chlorine isn’t completely removed from pool cleaning), consider Ozone for pools. Our ozone pool systems are a powerful disinfectant and oxidizer to be better than chlorine water treatment systems. This will help kill even more bacteria, viruses and algae, and will also remove organic materials in the pool, such as suntan lotion or oils from the body.

What We Offer

We offer alternatives to chlorine pools and we believe that this can help you save money and be healthier. No one enjoys the sharp smell of chemicals every time they enter and leave the pool. It stays in the hair and on clothing, and can be impossible to remove the smell. Learn more about the wonders of ionization and how it can work for you. Contact us soon.

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